Mobility Scooter

Luggie Scooters

Folding travel scooter for those that need a lightweight portable scooter. It collapses into a small compact size and easily fits in the boot of a car or take it on a plane, train or cruise ship.


  • Folds
  • Lightweight lithium battery 8.5-10.5Ah
  • Range approx. 12-24km (depends on model & other variables)
  • Luggie (standard): cherry red, yellow
  • Luggie Elite: blue only


  • Portable charging port for battery
  • Hard case or soft case for transport
  • Spare battery
  • Under seat bag/spare battery bag
  • Arm rests for Luggie standard model



Standard $4500  (RRP $5000)      Elite $5000  (RRP $5500)


Width of Seat

365.0 mm

Depth of Seat

365.0 mm

Height of Seat

500.0 mm – 550.0 mm (From ground)

Width Overall

455.0 mm

Length Overall

1000.0 mm

Length Folded

660.0 mm

Height Overall

815.0 mm – 860.0 mm

Weight Overall

25.8 kg (23.5kg excluding battery)

Turning Circle

900.0 mm

Load Capacity

(supplier stated) 114.0 kg-145kg


6.0 kph


(distance) 18.0 km-23.0km

Diameter of Front Wheel

152.0 mm

Diameter of Rear Wheel

178.0 mm

Height of Backrest

310.0 mm

Clearance Under Base to ground

64.0 mm