Mobility Scooter

Monarch Literider Powerchair

Entry level compact rear wheel drive electric wheelchair that can be easily collapsed for transport in the boot of a car. Battery slips out without need to unplug, seat lifts off, underseat basket lifts out, motor unclips. It’s too easy – just five pieces.

This powerchair is perfect for indoors use and around the house but is tough enough for moderate slopes outdoors. With liftup armrests, it can be taken right up to a desk or table. With a small footprint and a great turning circle, it’s a must consider for those wanting a very low priced powerchair.

With puncture proof tyres you can throw it in the boot and take it with you on holidays or trips to the shopping mall, without fear of getting a flat tyre.

With its plush padded seat, 50 amp electronics and two powerful motors, it is ideal for anyone up to 125 kgs who wants a budget priced electric wheelchair that will suit most requirements

Now even more collapsible, the Literider II is quick and easy to pull apart, lift into the boot, and clip back together when you arrive at your destination. A great little electric wheelchair!



$3600  (RRP $4000)

Width of Seat:

432.0 mm

Depth of Seat:

406.0 mm

Seat to top of backrest:

406.0 mm

Width Overall:

572.0 mm

Depth Overall:

840.0 mm

Diameter of Rear Wheel:

230.0 mm

Diameter of Castor:

152.0 mm

Weight of Heaviest Part:

15 kg

Weight Overall:

53.1 kg

Load Capacity (supplier stated):

125.0 kg

Clearance Under Unit:

63.0 mm

Height of Seat from Ground:

521.0 mm – 546.0 mm

Height Overall:

838.0 mm – 864.0 mm