Mobility Scooter

Switch Sticks (Folding Canes)

Price: $90

Switch Sticks are the range of award winning stylish walking sticks, made for both men and women. They are tough, durable, lightweight aluminum and are height adjustable and foldable, making them the perfect fit for most people.

  • Made of high grade aluminum with a painted maple wood handle.
  • They come with a wrist strap and water-resistant carry bag for maximum convenience, and are packaged in an elegant box – great for gifts.
  • 33 different patterns available
  • Weight capacity up to 120kg/ 264lb.
  • Fully adjustable suitable for most adults – from 81cm-94cm
  • Colours
  • GOLD
  • BUBBLES (black, coloured circles)
  • CIRCLES (black, pink circles)
  • HOT PINK (grey, pink circles)
  • KENSINGTON (brown stripes)
  • MILITARY (black green stripes)
  • OCEAN (blue circles
  • POPPIES (red and white)
  • STORM (purple circles)
  • STRIPES (blue and purple)
  • MAPLE (brown squares)
  • WAVES (orange grey burgundy)
  • WINDSOR (purple spots, grey)
  • SEABREEZE (blue, green)
  • SMILES (yellow)
  • VIKING (dark purple)
  • CARNIVAL (multicolour swirls)
  • KIKI (purple blue butterfly)
  • MIMI (brown butterfly)
  • BERLIN (grey shapes)
  • SHADOW (black grey stripes)
  • TANGO (pink)
  • THAMES (light blue, yellow)
  • VIENNA (green, pink shapes)
  • AZURE BLUE (engraved)
  • SOIREE (black engraved)
  • PEARL GOLD (engraved)
  • ROYAL PURPLE (engraved)
  • RUBY RED (engraved
  • GRAPHITE (silver, engraved)
  • ROSE GOLD (engraved)
  • COGNAC (brown, engraved)

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