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To meet your power requirements and guarantee reliability, Valen is proud to offer Hybrid batteries in a 12V configuration.

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FAQs – Hybrid Gel Batteries

What’s the difference between Hybrid Gel and Gel Batteries?

Both Hybrid Gel and Gel batteries are of the Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery construction. This means that they are both nonhazardous, low maintenance batteries.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

“Pure” or “standard” Gel Batteries utilise a heavy Thixotropic Gel separator to contain the electrolyte between the lead plates.

On the other hand, Hybrid Gel batteries are constructed by utilising a combination of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separators with Liquid Gel Colloidal Silica electrolyte. This gives Hybrid Gel battery technology the advantage of increased cycle life in comparison to the standard AGM alternative.

Hybrid Gel batteries are also able to deliver maximum cyclic performance from day one, which is a big advantage over the pure Gel technology.

What are the benefits of using Valen Hybrid Gel batteries?

There are quite a few very beneficial features of using Hybrid Gel battery technology;

  • The Silica Electrolyte offers improved battery life over a standard AGM battery, delivering ultimate reliability
  • Full Performance from Day one of the installation, so no time wasted getting the battery cycled up to its full capacity
  • Increased cyclic discharges compared with AGM batteries as Hybrid batteries utilise Silica Gel electrolyte which maximises the battery life, reducing the need for replacements dramatically
  • 99.99% Pure Lead Plates ensuring quality and minimising costly battery replacements
  • 1.4% Tin in the battery plates decreases the likelihood of premature failure due to battery plate sulphation

What applications are Hybrid Gel batteries ideal for?

  • Mobility scooters
  • Electric wheelchairs

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