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Valen Gel Batteries

To meet your power requirements and guarantee reliability, Valen is proud to offer three types of Gel batteries in 2V, 6 – 12V and front terminal configurations.

  • Valen Gel – this is the solution to all your heavy cyclic applications.
  • FAQs – Gel Batteries

    How are Gel batteries constructed?

    Gel batteries are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery. VRLA batteries are sometimes also referred to as Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA).

    Like all VRLA batteries, Gel batteries come in a standard ABS battery casing and have positive and negative plates with a separator holding the electrolyte between the plates. True to its name ’Valve Regulated’, the battery has valves in the head space which allow gas to escape should the internal pressure get higher than designed for.

    The internal construction of Gel batteries has the electrolyte immobilised in a special Thixotropic Gel held in the separator. The separator is a micro-porous polyethylene material and shaped like the inside of corrugated cardboard which supports the Gel between the plates.

    It is the combination of the Gel and the separator which allows the user to obtain the substantial benefits of Gel battery technology in a cyclic application.

    What are the benefits of using Gel batteries?

    Gel batteries have the unique ability to cycle continually and recover from deep discharges, heavy cycling and cyclic abuse which would otherwise damage other types of battery, such as AGM batteries.

    Through the Thixotropic Gel, the battery can be left in a partial state of charge without damaging the battery from sulphation. A Gel battery can also cycle back from a low state of charge should the battery be subjected to a deep discharge.

    Gel batteries have been designed to release power slowly over a long period of time, compared to an AGM battery, which is designed to release power fast for a short period of time,

    Additionally, sulphating in a Gel battery from cycling is reduced through the use of the Thixotropic Gel and micro-porous separator.

    What applications are Gel batteries ideal for?

    • Mobility scooters
    • Electric wheelchairs

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